Biography of Masato Kikuchi as an attorney at law


Attorney at Law  Masato Kikuchi


Brief Personal History



Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Law


Completed Legal Research and Training

Institute Registered as a Lawyer

August 2009

Visited United Kingdom to Study Abroad

October 2009


Participated in Practitioner Seminars at

University of Southampton (LL.M.)

and Learned Common Law, Maritime Law,

Comparative Intellectual Property Law,

Corporate Governance and etc.


October 2010 (London)

Started Practical Training at Hill Dickinson L.L.P. in London                                          

Involved in the Practice of British Law,

International Trade and Maritime Law


Participated in Training Course of EU Law,

English Law, Common Law, Contract Law,

Company Law, Tort Law, Business Law and

Property Law etc.

June 2012 Returned to Japan




Member of Daini Tokyo Bar Association



■ Major Fields of Practice


1. Corporate Legal Affairs


  • Retainer Service for Various Corporations Involved with International Trade and Domestic Trade
  • Drafting and Negotiation of English and Japanese Contracts
  • Corresponding to All Legal Issues Arising from Performance of Corporate Trade and Tasks
  • Execution and Selection of Various Procedures Aimed towards Solution at the Time of Disputes (Settlement Negotiation, Mediation, Good Offices, Arbitration or Lawsuit)
  • Designing a System and Corresponding to Human Resource and Labor Issues (Labor Law, Problems Involving Work Regulations, Dismissal Problems and etc.)


2. Maritime Cases


  • Collision Claim
  • Charter Party Claim
  • Cargo Claim


3. Other Civil Cases



■ Languages

Japanese, English

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Biography of Masato Kikuchi